Why the 24 Hour Clock is Important When Renting a Car

Understanding how car hire companies calculate the cost of your car hire can save you money, I explain why.

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Consider your car hire when booking your flights - returning on a flight at or just after the time you arrive can save you a days car hire

Understanding the Timing Associated with Car Hire

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Understanding how car hire companies work in relation to the 24-hour clock is, in my opinion, one of the key ways to save yourself money and get the best deal. In my experience car hire firms almost always work on a 24-hour clock, by getting your head around the system you can really maximise your savings.

I would always advise you trying to return your car before or at the same time that you collected it, as if you return it even half an hour after the time you got hold of your vehicle you could face an extra days worth of rental charges. It's therefore really worth you considering the timing of your rental to avoid unnecessary payments.

Over many years I have come to learn that rental periods generally tend to be cheaper by the week rather than by the day. For the most part a week's rental costs the same as five days, it's definitely worth giving that some thought when booking to try and get the best deal!

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This content was last reviewed on 24/07/2014