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We are independent of any car hire company, broker or insurer - deliberately so we always put customers first.

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I really know what I am talking about when it comes to car hire - and I promise my team will never push a customer to buy something they don't need or won't benefit from!

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In 2009 Mark Bower created the comparison site moneymaxim - and went out to ensure it was totally independent of insurers, suppliers and big business in general so he knew the company were never in a position where they would be under pressure to put anyone but their customers first.

No-one in the company is on a sales related bonus, no-one is incentivised to do anything but ensure customers always feel they have been looked after well. This makes the company stand out from its competition, but also means that it has developed a loyal and growing band of regular users who feel that, unusually in the financial world, they have found a company they can trust.

This reputation has helped to company grow steadily, helping over 250,000 people in their search for insurance, car hire, gas and electricity or other financial services.

In one particularly area the company has developed an unsurpassed reputation. This is in the car hire arena, where the market has developed in such a way that many do not know who to trust when it comes to contracts, insurance, fuel policies and other ways car hire firms have found ways of extracting the hard earned cash of the unwary.

To counter this Mark and his team have slowly dissected the industry, developing tools which enable users to ensure they are able to avoid many of the underhand practices that are commonplace in the industry. Examples of these include:

  • the UK's first (and currently only) car hire excess insurance comparison service -saving users between 50% and 90% on the prices available from desks or brokers
  • created a new comparison service which compares both car hire and excess insurance prices - in an instant
  • found a way to highlight 'fairer fuel' practices or free additional drivers across multiple companies and brokers
  • offer sat navs and mobile wifi rental at a fraction of car hire desk rates

Of course all this has meant Mark has become a bit of a car hire nerd (he prefers guru) and decided to find a way to share his knowledge with a wider audience - hence carhirechampion.co.uk.

Ownership and Legal Information

Car Hire Champion are part of the moneymaximiser group - fully owned and operated by Moneymaximiser Limited.

Car Hire Champion is a trading name of moneymaximiser limited, registered in England and Wales (registered Number 6706021) at 7, Market House, Market Place, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 1AP.

moneymaximiser limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (registration number 496690) and is also a registered data controller under the Data Protection Act - registration number Z1638204.

Our VAT registration number is 945868857.

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