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Who is liable if you can't return your hired car on time?

3 April 2017

Recently Avis have come under attack after a driver in Australia was charged $158 extra when she returned her car late following Cyclone Debbie - but who is really liable in these cases?

Which is the better option? Snow Chains or Winter Tyres

21 February 2017

Should you opt for snow chains - which tend to be cheaper - or opt for winter tyres and the added convenience?

Why Full to Empty Fuel Rules have changed for 2015

10 February 2015

How Consumer Groups together with the EU have forced a change in practice for car hire firms

Full to Empty Fuel Rules on Car Hire change across Europe in 2015

5 February 2015

Pressure from the EU has seen Car Hire firms forced to refund motorists for unused fuel if it's been paid for up front - but fuel scam continues.

Key Replacement Cover - is it worth it?

9 September 2014

For the additional cost, key replacement cover for your hire car can seem unnecessary, but is it a worthwhile expenditure?

How volcanic eruptions can affect your car hire

2 September 2014

Find out what may happen to your car hire if a volcano does erupt, and how you can minimise the financial damage

The rising popularity of Car Hire Excess Insurance

21 August 2014

Richard Dyson's article on car hire excess insurance in the Daily Telegraph last weekend showed the increasing popularity of stand-alone car hire insurance

Will EU probe increase UK Car Hire prices?

13 August 2014

UK car renters could see prices rise as a EU commission probe into cross border rental gathers speed.

Free Car Hire? I love it!

11 August 2014

If you are looking for a road trip in countries such as the US, Canada, Australia or New Zeland, relocation offers might have been built for you!

7 top tips for young drivers hiring cars

6 August 2014

If you are a young person hiring a car, here are seven things that you should definitely know before booking.

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