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Free Car Hire? I love it!

If you are looking for a road trip in countries such as the US, Canada, Australia or New Zeland, relocation offers might have been built for you!

Our new article today entitled New 'Free' car rental service launched on US West Coast covers the growing trend for car hire companies to use travellers as relocation agents.

Free Car hire

They have found that they can draw in those searching for a bargain, and use them as unpaid relocation agents, instead of having to pay someone to drive their car back to its original base.

And if you are happy to adapt your trip around the availability of a car, and I guess flexible enough to accept that if one does not turn up eventually you might have to hop on a Greyhound or plane to your next port of call, I think they ae really cost effective way of seeing a country.

Both cars and motorhomes are up for grabs, although you are unlikely to have too much choice if you are determined to have a convertible or particular SUV (most of the car deals are for a standard 4 seater saloon).

So I have a go this morning - and found I could plan a round Texas Trip taking in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, or a San Fran to LA and then back again for next to nothing!

There is even more choice if you fancy Australia or New Zealand!

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