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Key Replacement Cover - is it worth it?

For the additional cost, key replacement cover for your hire car can seem unnecessary, but is it a worthwhile expenditure?

If you're anything like me, then you may always get key replacement cover, my wife won't let me go away without it as she knows what I'm like when it comes to leaving my keys in places and never seeing them again! But for others, they can take or leave key replacement cover knowing that they are usually pretty good when it comes to looking after their belongings.

Many of our readers ask whether they need or whether they should get key replacement cover, and it is optional but for the small additional charge to include it in your policy, and the potential money you could save from having to pay a charge to the car hire firm to get a new key, it may well be worth it!

I have heard of one person having to pay £250 to their car hire firm after misplacing his key. In current times, with micro-chipped keys that need reprogramming loosing, or indeed having your car hire keys stolen, can be not only inconvenient, but very costly. So whilst the insurance is not essential it could save a hefty bill coming your way.

If keys are lost do contact your car hire firm - they will want to be involved in arranging new keys or getting a locksmith out to you. Doing it yourself may seem to make sense but if the car hire firm consider any damage has resulted from a locksmith's intervention you will be responsible for repairing the damage.

A number of car hire excess policies do not actually have key replacement cover included in them, so do check your policy wording to see whether your insurance does include it. Some (though not all) of the car hire excess insurance policies on moneymaxim do cover lost or stolen keys, so do have a look at those policies to make sure you have comprehensive cover to protect yourself against a hefty charge.

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