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The rising popularity of Car Hire Excess Insurance

Richard Dyson's article on car hire excess insurance in the Daily Telegraph last weekend showed the increasing popularity of stand-alone car hire insurance

Last weekend, Richard Dyson, a reporter for the 'Your Money' section of the Daily Telegraph, wrote in the Daily Telegraph, outlining the benefits of stand-alone car hire insurance. After reading the article, I could completely sympathise with the paragraph on the pressure customers feel to take the car hire firms own car hire excess waiver when they arrive to collect the car at their destination. I hire a car almost every time I go on holiday, again and again I arrive at the desk after a tiring flight and an employee tries to forcefully convince me to purchase their own excess waiver there and then. As Richard discussed, the cost of these policies from the car hire firms is beyond pricey, often more than the cost of the car hire itself!

I am glad, however, to see that the media coverage and popularity of car hire excess insurance is ever increasing. In the few years I've been using it, I have been getting the best prices on this cover and the stand-alone policies are often more comprehensive, covering parts of the car such as the underbody, glass and tyres, items usually excluded from the car hire company's own excess waiver. Using an independent comparison service like that provided by moneymaxim will allow you to find great deals on car hire excess insurance and you'll be able to see at a glance what each policy includes and compare the prices.

Though, as said in Dyson's article, it can be a slightly more lengthy process to claim on a stand-alone policy. You will have to pay for the repairs to your vehicle should you have an accident, make sure you keep the receipts and paperwork from paying for the repairs, and then by submitting the relevant forms and other paperwork to the car hire insurer you will be reimbursed. The money you save by going for a stand-alone policy is well worth the extra few minutes of effort to get your money back. Richard Dyson's article really highlights the benefits of stand-alone car hire excess insurance and he, like me, is "sold on stand-alone hire-car cover"!

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