Cleaning Charges - are they fair?

Cleaning charges can be considered unfair, read on to discover what is fair and what isn't

Worried about a cleaning charge when you return the car? Ensure that you've made a reasonable effort to brush down the seats of sand, and dirt - you are less likely to be charged it it seems you have made an effort

Cleaning Charges - are they fair?

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In many cases, a returning hire car only needs a quick wash and a hoover to be in a reasonable state to be able to be rented out again. The majority of car hire firms understand that a family travelling around in a car for a couple of weeks will result in a slightly grubby car and for the most part it can't be helped, however there is always the occasion that the car hire firm decide that the state of the car is not acceptable and then the car hire ends up footing the cleaning bill.

In a few cases we have had people come to us and ask whether their specific fine is fair in the given circumstances, and the answer varys considerably according to the circumstances. The general consensus is that if the vehicle needs a quick once over with a hoover and a wash then that's fine and there is no need or reason for a charge to be made. However, a vehicle that is returned that needs more work and therefore more time to be dedicated to it, will result in a fine as it cannot be rented out almost immediately again. If you are charged and you feel it is not fair, it is do complain to the head office of the specific firm, as you may find this approach results in a refund.

Some of these charges though do seem to be a deliberate attempt to increase the firms profits with any small mark being charged for. If the firm works through a broker this reduces their profits further as the broker takes a share of the earnings. So in some cases it may be worthy of making a complaint as there may be a valid case against the charges that have been given to you.

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