Car Hire Insurance on a Car Ferry

What to do if your car hire company doesn't provide insurance when you are on a ferry.

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Car Hire companies can charge sizeable sums to insure you whilst on a ferry. I suggest a great alternative

Car Hire Insurance on Car Ferries

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If you are travelling between the Greek Islands, hopping from the mainland to Skiathos or Skopelos or travelling between Sicily or Sardinia and the Italian mainland its well worthwhile checking the small print of your car hire agreement.

Avoid paying extra feeds when taking your hired car on a ferry

Some companies refuse to allow you to take their cars on ferries at all, but many more are happy for you to do so but remove any Collision Damage Waiver cover whilst you are on board. They then offer to cover you if pay them an extra premium, typically around £50, to extend the cover.

This grates with many car hirers, especially when the ferry journey is only a few minutes long, so we have a cost effective alternative.

One of the car hire insurers, Worldwide Insure have confirmed to us that their CDW policy does provide cover on ferries. To access this policy, which costs £47.50 on an annual basis and about £18.55 for a week for European coverage or £58.75 and £21.00 for Worldwide cover, select the Deluxe version as this includes CDW automatically.

Alternatively run a quotation through the moneymaxim comparison service requesting a worldwide policy with CDW and watch out for Worldwide Insure in the results.

Please do be aware that standalone policies are reimbursement style policies so you pay the car hire firm for any damage and then go to your insurer to be reimbursed.

This policy will also provide excess cover for the rest of your trip and could be a remarkably cheap way of getting the cover you need without paying your rental firm a fortune. It's not just for Italy and Greece though - this will work right around the world.

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This content was last reviewed on 13/12/2017