Do I Need Car Hire Excess Insurance?

Understanding how car hire excess insurance works and how it can benefit you and save you money.

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Considering a car hire excess policy can give you both ease of mind and extra protection should you need it on your trip!

Do I Need Car Hire Excess Insurance?

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Many of our customers ask whether car hire excess insurance is necessary and if they really need it, the answer is no. However if you would like the peace of mind of knowing you are fully covered, so that no unexpected bills will hit you upon your return, then car hire excess insurance is really worth your while. I appreciate that the cover offered directly by car hire firms is extortionate, coming in between £10 and £20 a day, which can all add up when you're away for a week or two, and without the cover you can end up having to pay a potentially very expensive bill, here at moneymaxim we have a car hire excess insurance comparison service which generally comes in at around £2 per day, giving you both financial security and the peace of mind to enjoy your trip!

Car hire excess insurance works by covering the excess of your policy and parts of the car that your rental agreement won't cover - including glass (mirrors, lights and windscreen), tyres, wheels and underbody. By insuring these parts of your vehicle, should you have any collisions or problems you know that you will not be left massively out of pocket by your car hire firm. I recommend, however, as with every insurance document, that you do fully read the policy wording before you commit to ensure that you are covered appropriately.

I have many customers who have enquired about whether a car rental firm can refuse to accept your car hire excess insurance if it is not from them, the answer is they cannot refuse it. As car hire excess insurance is optional you have no obligation to purchase it from the firm you hire your vehicle from, and they therefore have to accept any policy you have already brought. It is important to check that your car hire rental company has not included a clause dictating that excess insurance is essential and it must be brought from them, in which case of course it must be brought from the company you hire from.

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This content was last reviewed on 24/07/2014