Car Hire Age Limits and Additional Drivers

Knowing whether you can have more drivers, or the age limits for drivers that are renting a car will help to make your trip go smoothly.

Mark's Top Tip

Make sure you compare policies for items such as additional drivers and age limits, every company is different and seeing what each firm has to offer will get you the best deal and most comprehensive policy.

Drivers and Car Hire

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Knowing what options you have as the policyholder or main driver before you book your car rental will make sure that you get the best deal for your money and you know exactly what to expect at the desk. By taking a few minutes to compare deals through the moneymaxim comparison engine you can find the one that suits you best.

Many of our customer ask about the age limits for hiring a car, generally you cannot rent a vehicle before the age of 21 though you can continue to hire up until 98 or 99 dependent on the company. If you do choose to hire a car before you're 25, be warned that many companies tend to make these customers subject to a young drivers surcharge or higher excesses. In some cases it is compulsory to take the car hire companies own waiver excess or to take the car hire companies own waiver excess or super CDW insurance. I strongly advise you check all the conditions before you book or buy. At the other end of the spectrum, you are able to hire a car up until any age you choose, however car hire excess insurance can be harder to locate after 85.

If you are off on holiday, you may want to add additional drivers on to your car hire policy, there is no widespread charge for this, different companies charge varied prices to add other drivers. I suggest you compare a few car hire policies and from this you can then see which of the companies offers the most competitive rates for additional drivers. Other people travelling with you will not be automatically covered, however you can ensure that they do provide the relevant protection through two ways; name the drivers through the policyholder renting the car and 'naming' other drivers who can drive the rented vehicle or through additional drivers, these are 'named' drivers on the insurance policy who can hire cars independently and with the policyholder.

It is essential that you take your driving licence when renting a car in another country, in many countries, unlike England, you need it on your person when you drive should the police stop you. In some countries, usually outside of Western Europe, it is advisable to have an International Driving Permit on top of your driving licence. It is recommended for both the USA and Canada and for some other countries it is necessary to have one, your rental agreement will specify if it is essential to have one or not so make sure you read through it to be sure. If you do happen to forget your driving licence you technically cannot hire a car, however forgetting a licence happens fairly frequently and a fair amount of countries are happy enough to fax the DVLA to get a copy of licence, though do be warned there are usually fees involved! The DVLA offices will also need to be open, so if you discover this before your arrival at a foreign airport try to contact your rental company by phone so they can call the DVLA and make the arrangements whilst you are still in transit. The DVLA's number from overseas is +44 (0)1792 786 369.

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This content was last reviewed on 31/07/2014