Is it free to add additional drivers onto a car hire policy?

With adding another driver onto your car hire policy it can vary in cost considerably, find out more here

The cost of adding another driver varies considerably from firm to firm, so take the time to compare a few companies to find the one that does the best deal for additional drivers.

Is it free to add additional drivers onto a car hire policy?

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Each individual car hire firm can vary quite a lot on what they charge for putting additional drivers onto a car hire agreement. For this reason, it is vital stress the importance of comparing various companies, should you be looking to add a driver to your policy, by taking five minutes to look at a few companies you could see a reasonably cheap policy which includes all the extras you need it to. By using a comparison service, such as Moneymaxim, you can just input your details and have a range of car hire policies displayed to you, and it won't take up too much time!

There are some firms such as Economy Car Hire who offer a free additional driver automatically on many of their packages, but there is also an increasing number of firms who do offer an extra driver or drivers for no additional charge. If you would like more advice on additional drivers, do read the Car Hire Champion Car Hire Guide, to find more information.

It is also of great importance to check that your car hire insurance will cover any additional drivers you add onto the car hire policy, if anything does happen when an additional driver is in charge, and they aren't covered by the insurance, you will end up being liable for any damage to the vehicle. Car hire insurers will generally cover additional named drivers free of charge on their policies, only charging extra if the second driver wants to rent cars independently of the main policyholder.

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This content was last reviewed on 02/09/2014