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Changes ahead for car hirers as driving licences go computerised

22 April 2015

Soon driving convictions will no longer be stored on the paper part of your driving licence - meaning you need to prepare for arrival at the car hire desk. I walk you through it all.

EU probe into differing Car Hire prices across Europe

13 August 2014

The EU has decided to look into pan European pricing policies following initial unsatisfactory replies to their enquiries from car rental giants

New 'Free' car rental service launched on US West Coast

11 August 2014

Why not get your car hire company to pay you to hire a car! Unbelievably this is a genuine offer with hundreds of deals on offer at any one time.

Driverless cars coming to the UK in 2015

1 August 2014

The UK is pushing ahead with legislation which will allow driverless cars to be used on the public highway by January 2015

Speeding fines in Spain - Warning for British drivers

23 July 2014

As fines for motoring offences rise sharply motorists are advised to keep within the Highway Code in Spain. launched to help car hirers understand thier options.

22 July 2014

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