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Driverless cars coming to the UK in 2015

The UK is pushing ahead with legislation which will allow driverless cars to be used on the public highway by January 2015

Driverless cars are coming to UK roads the government have announced.

Vince Cable, Business Secretary, announced the plans during a visit to Midlands based engineering firm Mira, saying he expected to see driverless cars hit the road in the next six months. It is planned that three cities will be used to trail the technology in a test that is expected to last between 18 and 36 months

In order to allow for the changes the DOT will be reviewing current legislation to amend current road regulations and the Highway Code. Currently cars can only be tested on private roads due to insurance and legal concerns.

The aim to push the UK to the forefront of this technology, which is under threat of being leapfrogged in the driverless race by other countries. Three states in the US have allowed tests to proceed, whilst Japanese authorities approved a public road test by Nissan. Volvo have had a 2017 test approved in Gothenburg.