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Speeding fines in Spain - Warning for British drivers

As fines for motoring offences rise sharply motorists are advised to keep within the Highway Code in Spain.

Be aware that this year has seen a marked tightening of motoring law in Spain

Already significant fines are now to be levied on motorists found to be driving just 1km per hour over the limit.

Legislation introduced earlier this year designed to tackle Spain's poor road safety record have led to the introduction of 20km/h speed limits on some urban roads whilst extending some (but not all) motorway limits to 130 km/h.

The police can also now just note down your registration number if they see you committing a motoring offence and use this as a basis to prosecute you. Whilst they should, it they can, stop you and issue a ticket if they are busy elsewhere they are able to to take action against you with out further proof.

If you do pick up a ticket whilst in a rental car you face not just a substantial fine but also a fee of around €40 from the rental firm for handling the paperwork. The firm is normally settled through online the the Traffic Regulators website, and there is a 50% discount if the fine is paid within 20 days.